How do you run a Giveaway on your WordPress blog

How do you run a Giveaway on your WordPress blog

If you haven’t run giveaways from your website, you are missing out on one of the best methods for promoting your site. There are several tools that are especially made for WordPress to help make this easier. In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the benefits of creating giveaways and recommending some of the ways to do this using WordPress.

Hold a giveaway

Why launch a giveaway on your website?

A giveaway is any type of promotion where visitors can win free items. This can be a product or service that you create or something made by a company whose products you sell. This can be a sponsored product or service too!

Giveaways give your visitor a reason to return to your site. One of the biggest challenges facing websites is getting loyal readers who return frequently. Getting traffic is nice, but you also want to get return traffic. This is how you build up your customer base. Everyone likes to win something, so giveaways are a great way to accomplish this.

When you have a giveaway on your site, you are also making it more likely that your visitors will share or bookmark your content. This enables you to pick up more new visitors!

What should you give away?

If running giveaways on your site is such a great strategy, what exactly should you give away? This will depend on what your site is about, of course and what you’re trying to accomplish. Some possibilities are:

  1. Your own product or service

    This is a good way to introduce people to a new or even exiting product. Big companies do this all the time.

  2. Products you sell for others

    If you’re an affiliate of either digital or physical products, you may want to give away some of these items. If you sell products that are made by a large company, you might contact them and ask for free samples for your giveaway. Since you are helping to promote their products, they have an incentive to help you.

  3. Anything fun, helpful or interesting

    It can even be beneficial to give away products that you’re not directly connected with in any way. If your site is on a topic that is popular but not easy to monetize (such as celebrity gossip), you can still look for appealing products to give away to increase traffic.

    In this case, you will be looking for other ways to monetize the site, such as AdSense or other types of ads.

WordPress is a great software for running giveaways

WordPress has become the best known and most popular blogging platform, for many good reasons. For one thing, it makes it easy for anyone to set up a blog. You have all kinds of features that allow you to customize the appearance and it doesn’t take a lot of technical expertise to set it up.

Another wonderful thing about WordPress is the diversity of plugins that can add just about any feature or application you can imagine. There are several tools that can make it easy to host a giveaway on WordPress.

  • Wildfire


    This Google owned applications is one of the largest and most comprehensive of the tools you can use for giveaways. Wildfire has many options for creating contests, sweepstakes, quizzes, coupons or any type of giveaway.

    Wildfire helps you automate the task of running social media campaigns to publicize your giveaway. You have access to real time analytics so you always know how your campaigns are performing.

    Considering how much it does, Wildfire is very easy to use. You can manage multiple campaigns from a single dashboard. All of the features use a simple drag-and-drop process where you are guided step by step.

    While Wildfire is probably the best solution if you want to run a large and far-reaching giveaway campaign, it’s not the cheapest tool you can find. They offer several options depending on what you want to do. Find out more on their website.

  • Rafflecopter


    Another way to set up giveaways on your WordPress site is to use Rafflecopter. You can sign up for this service for free, although they do offer some upgrades to paid plans.

    With Rafflecopter, you can embed your giveaways anywhere, including of course your WordPress blog. You can host unlimited giveaways and users are given a choice about which actions to take in order to enter. For example, they can leave a blog comment, tweet a message or follow you on Facebook.

    When running giveaways on Rafflecopter, you have the choice of choosing the winners yourself or having the whole process automated so winners are chosen randomly.

  • PunchTab


    This is another popular service that provides tools to help automate your giveaways. You can easily launch a PunchTab giveaway from your WordPress blog – or any type of website or even your Facebook page.

    Visitors are given rewards in the form of entries to your giveaway in return for social sharing. As with Rafflecopter, they can choose among a number of actions if they want to enter your giveaway. See for more information.

    PunchTab, like Wildfire, offers a few different plans. However, with this service you can sign up for free and still access some of their features. Their basic plan costs $99 per month, but there’s a 30 days free trial. Their paid plans are more suitable for people who want to run giveaways and promotions on a regular basis.

    PunchTab also offers a free WordPress plugin that gives you access to many of its social sharing capabilities.

Using WordPress to Create Giveaways is simple

The above are just a few tools that can allow you to easily create giveaways on your WordPress site. There are also other services and plugins that have similar features.

You don’t have to use any of these tools to run a giveaway, of course. Then, however, you will have to do everything manually. This isn’t a problem when you only have a few entries, but it can get tedious once you start attracting lots of participation!

If you want to try out one of these options, you can start off with a free plugin or trial offer. Eventually you may want to upgrade and subscribe to one of the monthly promotional services offered by Wildfire, PunchTab or Rafflecopter.

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