Is WordPress always the best? When should you use HTML

Is WordPress always the best? When should you use HTML

I personally love WordPress. Apparently, so do many people out there, judging from the fact that there are more than 70 million websites running on WordPress and that almost half of the top 100 blogs in the world are powered by WordPress. That says a lot for a software that was started in 2003 as a blogging tool.

HTML5 vs WordPress

Over the years, WordPress has evolved from being “just” a blogging tool to become a content management system (CMS) with thousands of plugins, widgets and themes to download and use. Below are a few advantages of using WordPress:

  • It can be easily customized to suit various requirements. Of course, you can use it to run a blog. It can also be customized to run news sites, photo galleries, e-commerce sites as well as websites for specialized industries like a property blog.
  • WordPress is powerful to run your website regardless of whether it is a simple personal blog with a few visitors or a world famous website with millions of hits per day.
  • WordPress is very easy to install, that it has a famed “5-minute install” reputation. You can quickly install WordPress through script installers which are available for free in popular web hosting control panels.

Is WordPress always the best choice?

As much as I am a WordPress fan, I will be the first to tell you that WordPress is not ALWAYS the best choice. There are many other website building tools available, such as Joomla, Weebly, Wix and even the humble Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML).

The latest HTML specification is the HTML5. There are many modern features that were included as well as unnecessary elements removed from this version. HTML5 even has its own multimedia department and also allows you to draw cool graphics using scripts, thus reducing the need to rely on heavy external plugins.

So unlike previous HTML, HTML5 is more flexible and allows you to do more than just being a web language. In short, you can think of it as an updated version of HTML that comes with audio and video support.

But what if you don’t have much knowledge about HTML? Are you still able to create a website? Well, if you are willing to learn, why not. HTML is not too difficult to understand and use. Alternatively, you could engage a professional to help you design your HTML5 website.

When should you consider using HTML5?


There are 2 considerations that you should think about when determining whether to use HTML5 or not. First, it’s the effort and resources that you will put into creating this website. This could be your monetary investment or your time. Second, it’s what you are expecting from using this tool.

  • Hosting costs

    Admit it, the main thing that most of us would consider when planning a website is the cost. How much is the hosting, applications, support and so on are all crucial questions.

    Now, I’m sure some of you will remind me that WordPress is free. Well, yes, WordPress is free to download and install. But unless you are going to host your website with a free web host, you’ll need to pay a reliable web hosting company like Bluehost or iPage to host your website.

    The good thing about WordPress is that it simply needs a web host who provides MySQL database and PHP support. Almost all major web hosting providers offer these. Although these web hosts will usually tell you that these 2 features are included “free” with your hosting plan, we all know that the cost has already been calculated into the hosting fees.

    Now, if you were to build a website using HTML5, you do not require MySQL or PHP support. This is because HTML5 is interpreted by your visitors’ web browsers. These days, all major browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome, support HTML5 so you won’t have to worry about incompatibility.

    As such, you just need basic hosting of which chances are, will be much cheaper than a WordPress supported plan. In fact, you can even save on hosting cost by hosting your HTML5 website using Amazon S3, Dropbox or any other reliable cloud storage host!

  • Themes costs

    The same goes for supportive applications. There are thousands of WordPress themes, free and premium, that are easily available to WordPress users. And because of the different layout, styles and features found in these themes, you can definitely find something to suit your requirements. All you need to do is to click a few buttons or drag and drop some widgets and your website is customized.

    Two great sources for WordPress themes are Elegant Themes (which I recommend because of their themes’ quality and affordability) and Theme Forest.

    Of course, you can also choose to use free WordPress themes. There are quite a lot of them on the Internet and many of them are very beautifully done too. However, you should note that general these free WordPress themes are not as optimized as the paid premium themes. Free WordPress themes usually do not come with good support too.

    So, is a HTML5 theme cheaper then? Well, let’s compare. Check out Theme Forest’s top WordPress themes and top HTML themes. You can find WordPress themes priced are from $45 to $60 per theme. Meanwhile, HTML themes are priced between $5 and $20!

    So, a quick comparison reveals that generally HTML templates are cheaper compared to WordPress themes.

    In fact, I am sure you will be happy to know that there are some pretty awesome free HTML5 themes that you can check out too. Head over here.

  • Flexibility

    It is easy for you to use HTML to create basically any type of websites. You just have to learn the HTML scripting, some CSS and perhaps some JavasSript codes. HTML5 has added features that allow you to more easily create more advanced websites e.g. that is responsive and mobile-friendly.

    The new HTML5 is being constantly improved and includes interactive features like drag and drop, media playback, document editing and many more. So, this new language actually provides you with more control over how you want your website to look like and what you want it to include in it.

    The other thing about HTML5 that I like is the fact that it is light weight. That’s because unlike CMS, HTML5 does not depend on client and server communication. Being light also means that your website loads faster and this leads to happier visitors and a higher search engine ranking.

When is it better to use WordPress?

Based on the above discussion, it does sound as if WordPress is a more expensive option. Well, that’s half true.

WordPress’ initial investment is comparatively slightly higher than if you were to build your website using HTML5. But in the long run, it may turn out to be cheaper instead. Not only that but it may prove to be an easier to manage option too. It depends on what your plans are for your website.

HTML is great if you have a static website. This means that the contents in your website generally remain unchanged. An example is a write-up of your company or business that includes your contacts. These information seldom change or required updates.

However, should you plan to add in dynamic information e.g. a blog or photo gallery or e-commerce features, you will want to find a platform that permits you to make changes and post updates easily. WordPress does that well.

So when is WordPress a better choice?

  1. Dynamic contents

    WordPress is for dynamic contents. With WordPress, you have the ability to change your site’s layout quickly and easily. HTML websites will need a little more time and effort, especially if you are not familiar with the coding.

  2. Blog interaction

    While you are able to build and add a blog to your HTML website, it is probably not integrated as seamlessly as WordPress’ blogs.

  3. HTML scripting without codes

    WordPress is great for those who wants to quickly build a website and use it without the need to learn any programming languages.

  4. Active community

    Because WordPress is an open-source software, developers all over the world have access to its core software components. This enables WordPress to be updated and improved continuously by these WordPress professionals. Besides, this community is very vocal and helpful and you should have no problem finding an answer should you ever face any problems.

  5. Fast website building

    WordPress can be easily installed with the “1-click install” application that many major web hosting providers offer. There are numerous WordPress themes and plugins that enable a WordPress website to be completed in minutes. You save on the many programming hours that you will have to go through should you decide to build a website using HTML.

We have previously discussed this topic too – Top 10 reasons to use WordPress for your website.


In case some readers might misunderstand my intention, I am not persuading you to choose or avoid one website building tool over the other. What I had intended to do was to raise the awareness that there are times when WordPress is an amazing tool and there are times when WordPress is less suitable. Sometimes it is because of the website’s structure. Other times it could be because of budget. Whatever the reasons, you should always evaluate whether WordPress fits your requirements and if you feel that it doesn’t, maybe you could search for substitute tools and do a comparison.

One such substitute tool is HTML which we have highlighted above. As you can see from our discussion, building a website based on HTML does have its benefits.

Do note that HTML is more suitable for websites with little modifications either to its contents or the layout. However, if you are planning to update your website constantly and add content from time to time, then WordPress is your best choice!

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  1. Shelby Kent says:

    I honestly prefer html over wordpress, better flexibility while editing my pages, and helps me keep it organized as well

  2. Shelby Kent says:

    HTML5 over wordpress anyyydayy ! I know most of the websites are wordpress based but i personally prefer html5 !

  3. nbc.angelina says:

    Great article!

    I have been thinking of using HTML5 template to build my new website, after using WP for all my existing websites.

    You have given very fair opinions, thumbs up!

    More to have facebook like, sure will give you one! Thanks.

  4. Bhumi says:

    I must say wordpress is best.It’s features are great.

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