A Look at the Subscribe2 Email Subscription Plugin

A Look at the Subscribe2 Email Subscription Plugin

If you have a WordPress blog and an email list (or you plan to start one), you can gain many advantages by downloading the Subscribe2 plugin. This is a free plugin for WordPress that allows you to manage your list and send out notifications when you publish something new on your blog.

Email marketing is still a highly effective technique and one that can work very well with a blog. In this article, I’ll be discussing some of the features that make Subscribe2 worth using, and giving some instructions on how to install it.

Subscribe2 plugin

Combining a blog and mailing list

Using your blog and email list in an integrated manner is a simple yet very powerful marketing tactic. A blog can be the foundation of your whole business, as it gives you a place to publish your content. This helps establish your credibility and give people one place to see all of your published material.

WordPress in particular makes it easy to publish a blog with all kinds of features. The ability to add plugins is one of the things that makes WordPress so effective. Subscribe2 is a WordPress plugins that helps you harness the power of email marketing.

While a blog gives you an online headquarters for your content, your email list is what allows you to stay connected with your audience. Without a list, many of your visitors will only see your site once and never return. If, however, you give them the option to subscribe, you can notify them when you have new updates or offers.

Subscribe2 features

Subscribe2 makes it easy for visitors to register with your blog so you can send them emails whenever you want. You can automatically notify your subscribers every time you update your blog. This is a very powerful feature, as it will immediately increase the number of return visits to your site.

You can control what type of notifications your subscribers receive. You can send out:

  • Snippets of blog updates in HTML format
  • Full posts in HTLM
  • Plaintext excerpts
  • Plaintext full posts

You, or anyone who is an admin on your site, can customize what your subscribers will receive.

Subscribe2 gives subscribers two possible settings: public or registered.

  1. Public subscribers

    Someone who would prefer not to register can still sign up to get notifications of your new posts. This type of subscriber will only be able to get plaintext snippets of your posts, though.

  2. Registered subscribers

    Registered subscribers have more options, including the ability to choose between HTML and plaintext emails. They can also choose whether to receive excerpts or full posts.

Alternative to Paid Autoresponders

You may have heard of autoresponder services such as AWeber and Get Response. While these are very good tools for email marketing, they are also rather expensive. When you’re just starting out, or don’t have a huge email list, spending $20 or so every month can be a significant expense.

Subscribe2 gives you many of the same benefits of a autoresponder without the cost. It’s also a lot simpler to use. If you have used or checked out any autoresponders, you can see that they can be quite complicated to use, especially if you were new to email marketing.

Subscribe2 gives you the same double opt-in capacity that you get with autoresponders to ensure you aren’t accused of spam.

If you have been thinking about starting an email list and signing up for an autoresponder service, you may want to think about starting out with Subscribe2 instead. It gives you a very simple way to stay in touch with your subscribers, and it doesn’t cost anything.

How to install the Subscribe2 Plugin

Here are some basic instructions on how to install and configure the plugin.

Step 1: From your WordPress dashboard, click on “Plugins” on the left menu. Then click on “Add New”.

Plugins add new

Step 2: Type in “Subscribe2” in the search box, and hit “Enter” to search for the plugin.

Search for plugin

Step 3: Once the plugin is found, just click on the “Install Now” button to start the installation.

Install Subscribe2 plugin

That’s all there is to it. You can find access to support, frequently asked questions and more information (such as using shortcodes) on the plugin site.


By installing Subscribe2, you can begin to use your blog in conjunction with your email marketing list. You can start to get more leverage out of your visitors by allowing them to sign up for your updates. This can be the difference between getting one time visitors and people who become loyal readers and possibly paying customers.

WordPress plugins often enable you to accomplish the same things that would otherwise cost more money and take up more of your time. Subscribe2 is a good example of this. Rather than paying for an expensive emailing service, you can simply install this free plugin.

This plugin is the perfect way to get started with email marketing. It will also increase traffic and readership of your blog!

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