Top 10 reasons to use WordPress for your website

Top 10 reasons to use WordPress for your website

Thinking of creating a new website and wondering which method suits you best? Let’s take a look at your options.

You have 2 options if you want to build a website.

  1. Code in HTML

    You can code in HTML, and if you want more functionality, you should also use CSS, JavaScript and even HTML5. This has a lot of benefits for it is very flexible and allows you to make customized changes to the website. There’s one small problem though. You will need to know HTML and CSS scripting languages at the very least.

    To make it slightly easier, perhaps you can use a website editor such as Adobe Dreamweaver.

  2. Use a CMS

    For those who are unfamiliar with website building languages, there’s another easier and just as great option. That is by using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress. Now, some of you may argue that WordPress is a blogging software rather than a CMS. Frankly, WordPress is more than “just a blogging software”!

Why use WordPress

WordPress 101

Ever since it was introduced in 2003, WordPress has generated much excitement on the Internet. It was open source and free and still are. It was initially a blogging software but soon, as demands grow and technology improved, is being used as a CMS application.

In case you are unaware, there are 2 WordPress websites. There is which hosts WordPress blogs for free and there is which is a community supporting WordPress, offering free WordPress download, support forums and more.

At the point of writing, there are more than 62 million WordPress sites around the world, from business to news & magazines to photography and of course, blogs.

Top 10 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Website

To understand why WordPress is a top choice for many website owners, let’s take a look at the following 10 reasons.

  1. WordPress is FREE!

    As mentioned earlier, WordPress is an open source software. This means that it was developed under the GPL license and requires absolutely no fees to download and use. However, if you choose to have it hosted by your web host, then there will be hosting fees involved. Otherwise, you can opt for free hosting at

    There are thousands of free and premium themes and plugins too. So, this means WordPress is 100% free but you have the option to purchase additional services such as paid themes and plugins.

  2. Easy to Install and Manage

    Whether you are using or your own web host, WordPress can be setup easily. Most major web host like Bluehost and HostGator, have 1-click install program that allows instant installation of WordPress.

    WordPress’ interface is very easy to navigate and use. Even a beginner would be able to intuitively locate the right button or options. The WordPress’ dashboard is a central control panel where you manage your website, from publishing new articles and changing the theme to installing a new plugin and upgrading WordPress to the latest version.

  3. Easily Customizable

    Further customization on the design and installation of applications can be accomplished just by clicking on a few buttons! This is why WordPress is often viewed favorably by both newbies and advanced users. It also has an intuitive interface that allows easy navigation without requiring any technical knowledge.

    You now have full control over the font types and sizes, the color, the background of your website. And if you like, you can even add in picture galleries, images and videos to spice up your posts!

  4. Secure

    Security is increasingly crucial in our technology driven world. Everyday, we read about accounts being hacked, passwords being stolen and websites being compromised by malwares!

    WordPress is essentially a secure software. The constant updates help minimize such malicious attacks and it is recommended that you update whenever it’s available. In addition, you can further secure your website by installing plugins like BulletProof Security and Login Security Solution.

  5. Flexible

    WordPress is very much loved by professionals like designers and developers. This is because it is flexible enough for them to design creative websites and add customized functions to them too.

    This means that if you have the knowledge, you are able to create sophisticated websites that’s not just great to look at but also works fantastically. However, if you are not familiar with coding or computer languages, I suggest that you maintain the original WordPress but to enhance through themes and plugins.

  6. Plenty of WordPress Themes Available

    One good thing about WordPress is that your site’s contents are separated from your design. This fact permits you to change themes without much hiccup. The same can’t be said about some website building providers where a change of design usually means re-customization of the website all over again!

    Talking about themes, there is no shortage of themes available, both free and premium designs. And there’s a variety of them from the common blog and e-commerce designs to the more unique entertainment, realty and specialized industries’ designs.

  7. Easily Extensible

    Being open source, WordPress users have access to a wide variety of plugins and widgets. These extensions add amazing functionality to your website to further increase your visitors’ surfing experience.

    Plugins for shopping carts, forums, social media, site performance and so on, are plenty and can be installed easily. And if you really couldn’t find any plugins to suit your requirements, no worries. You can always hire a software developer to customize one for you. Your concern would be to try to limit your plugins in order not to compromise your website’s loading speed.

  8. Mobile Optimization

    In today’s Internet environment, mobile optimized websites are no longer an option. In order to be ahead of or at least keep pace with your competitors, you would need to keep your visitors happy, including those who are using mobile devices.

    Good thing this is easily accomplished with the increasing number of WordPress’ responsive themes. These themes automatically adjust your website to fit in your visitors’ browser size. You do not need to rebuild a separate mobile optimized website. There are quite a lot of interesting and affordable responsive themes at Elegant Themes.

  9. SEO-Friendly

    Another great reason for selecting WordPress is that it is SEO friendly.

    And if you would like to improve your website’s SEO, you can choose to add such plugins. There are quite a few good ones around but the two popular ones are All in One SEO Pack and Yoast SEO plugins.

  10. Support

    While WordPress is one of the easiest CMS around, there are times when you would want some help or tips. Whether you have questions on the setting up of a WordPress website or how to change certain feature on your website, you will always be able to find help.

    The WordPress community is a close-knit one and chances are there is someone who is able to offer you a solution or share their experiences with you. There are also loads of tutorials and knowledge base videos that you can leverage on.

While WordPress is a very powerful tool, there are still some limitations. If your plan is to build a complex website that’s not CMS-based or a complex online business that has lots of requirements (e.g. multi-language, having different payment options, accepting multi-currency), then WordPress may not be your best bet.

In such cases, you should build a custom website instead. But for the majority of us, WordPress is the best solution with great functionality, reliability and security. And did I mention, free too?!

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